Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Welcome to My New Blog about the Afterlife

On April 4, 2013, my life fell apart after the sudden, unexpected passing of the man I’d loved for thirteen years, Ron Conroy. I know many of you have experienced the same sort of devastating upheaval when someone you loved left the physical realm. However, in the midst of my grief, I received an unanticipated gift: the opportunity to explore the world beyond. It is my privilege and intent to share these experiences with you, and to provide a place for you to share your experiences with others.

Every day since Ron left this plane of existence, he has communicated with me from the so-called "Other Side," which he refers to simply as "home." (Those of you who knew him may find this odd, because he was hardly a spiritual or “woo-woo” person while on earth.) What he told me and showed me totally transformed my ideas about what happens after we leave Planet Earth––and prompted me to read books by numerous researchers in the field. To my surprise, many things I read concurred with what Ron had shared with me. I'd never heard most of this before, but just knowing that other people had similar experiences gave me comfort and confirmation.

All You Need Is Love 

All of us have wondered what happens when we die and why we came to earth in the first place. In the past three years, I've received answers to those and other big questions. Some of the answers surprised me. For instance, I’d always believed we incarnated on this planet to learn––and that’s true, but it’s not the primary reason. Even more important is the desire to bring love into a world filled with hardship. 

In our true "home" love is omnipresent. We carry some of that amazing love with us, in the form of energy, when we assume physical bodies here on earth. Our job is to radiate that love to everyone, everywhere, in everything we do. In this way, we overcome the force of fear that dominates earth-thinking and expresses itself in so many hurtful ways. Only two forces exist in the universe: love and fear. Each moment, we have the choice to operate from a place of love or a place of fear. It's that simple––and that difficult.

As I write on this blog, my objective is to lighten your fear and sadness. If I can do this in even the smallest way, I will feel I've accomplished my goal. The old Beatles' song says it best: "All You Need Is Love."

The Three Wounds of Wisdom: The Book

I’m a writer, and I’ve authored nearly forty books thus far, many about metaphysical subjects. So, naturally, I decided the best way I could share the insights conveyed to me was to write a book about what I'd learned. I titled it The Three Wounds of Wisdom. At first I considered writing a nonfiction book or a memoir, but many people have already done that, most of them MDs, PhDs, and folks with more "credentials" than I have. I also believe that sometimes it's easier to present unusual or thought-provoking ideas as fiction, so readers don't feel the author is trying to convince them of something. In my novel, I changed the characters, the storyline, the location, and lots more––but all the information about what transpires between our lives on earth and elsewhere came through to me during meditative trances, shamanic journeying, and other experiences with Ron since he's moved on. My wonderful agent, Paula Munier, is talking with publishers about the book now; I hope it will find a good home and be available to readers soon.

My goal is to help those of you who've suffered the pain of losing someone you love and to give you hope. I also want to open a forum for people who've communicated with departed loved ones, had near-death experiences, recalled past-lives, witnessed ghostly visitations, and other related awarenesses. Please feel free to comment here, and to suggest resources you think will be useful to readers.

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