Monday, September 12, 2016

Football in the Afterlife

Do souls in the Afterlife spend all their time in work, study, and other serious pursuits? Not according to the clients of California writer/researcher Dr. Michael Newton. In his book Destiny of Souls, Newton describes some of the games souls play. “Spiritual games are not played with the objective that somebody wins while others lose. Games are vigorous and carefree at the same time. Our guides encourage game participation as a means of practicing energy movement, dexterity and group thought transmission.”

Games Spirits Play

Some of the games resemble those we play on earth––and according to Newton, these games originated on the Other Side, then were modified and brought to earth. For example, souls play hide and seek, a type of tag, and also something similar to dodge ball called “bolt-banging.” In this game, souls line up opposite each other and create balls of energy, which they hurl at one another. Players can either dodge the energy bolts or catch them and throw them back––the object is to avoid getting hit. In another game, much like red rover, one “team” of souls rushes at another in an attempt to break through the energy barrier erected by their opponents.

One of Dr. Newton’s clients said under hypnosis, “We enjoy group games with lots of souls where everyone has an equal position and is engaged in the same way.” He also described a game called “gemball” in which many players fashion colored balls of energy about the size of tennis balls that sparkle like gemstones. The souls form a circle and use their minds to push the balls into the center of the circle. After awhile, a ball may roll into the lap of a player, which indicates a connection between the soul who fashioned the ball and the one who received it. As the client explains, “The gemball gives you the means to learn about the private aspects of a soul which could relate to you in a special way.”

Help from Above

I asked my partner, Ron Conroy, who’d been a semi-pro quarterback here on earth, if he played football in the Afterlife. He said yes and added, “It’s a little tricky without a body and more difficult than on earth.” Players move an energy football around mentally and use thought power to block their opponents. Because everyone can read everyone else’s mind, however, players must also find ways to conceal their thoughts.

Ron also told me some souls on the Other Side enjoy watching football and other sports being played on earth. Sometimes they even influence games––when we see a player make a move that seems impossible, he or she may have been aided by a spirit. A spirit guide may slip an idea to a player or even direct a ball with thought energy, “helping” it over the goal post or out of the ballpark. So if you thought you’d miss out on Monday Night Football or the World Cup or the Series after you leave Planet Earth, not to worry. You might even get a chance to play in the Super Bowl.